My Homecare Assistance- The Complete Guide

Young or older, you might be looking at homecare in North East England if you suffer from an illness or injury that makes maintaining independence in your own home difficult. For the older person struggling to cope with living alone, care homes are a common choice. But moving into a care home is often a stressful experience, and many people avoid this option because they are eager to maintain as much independence as possible. Nevertheless, it is important to consider what home care can do for you, and how to choose the right option. Read on for some crucial advice.

Domiciliary Care in Durham with My Home Care

When looking at Durham home care companies, Domiciliary care involves a carer visiting you at home, providing all levels of care depending on your needs. This could be personal care – help with personal hygiene, dressing, and assistance with any aspect of daily living that might be difficult without assistance. Care staff can provide assistance with bathing or showering, but also with domestic tasks, such as shopping or laundry. If cooking has become difficult, a carer can also make sure you get a hot meal in the comfort of your own home and at the times you wish. For many people wanting home care in Durham, loneliness is a debilitating factor; care staff can also offer befriending and sitting services tailored to individual needs. Despite being called ‘home care’, these services needn’t even be limited to the home; care staff can also help in escorting you to appointments and social events. If you are looking for homecare North East based, it is worth thinking about your specific needs. Do you need assistance with any of these day-to-day tasks, but wish to maintain a high level of freedom and independence? If so, domiciliary care might be for you.

Live in Care for Durham area with My Home Care

Another option to consider is live in care, and there are some great services that offer assisted living Durham wide. Daily visits might not provide the level of attention necessary to maintain an independent lifestyle in your own home; in these cases live in care is the best option. If you are trying to decide between Durham region social services and residential care, there are a few things to consider. Residential care involves a change of environment, which many find incredibly stressful, and this change is necessarily accompanied by a disrupted lifestyle and routine. At home with a carer, you are free to choose the food you eat and when you eat it. Living in residential care involves contending with set menus and meal times; one aspect of residential care that many feel limits their sense of independence. Another thing to consider is the level of care you receive at home, compared to residential care. At home, it is a case of one-on-one care, but at a residential home you will share the care between any number of residents. If you are looking for respite care Durham region, consider whether domiciliary or live in care works better for you. Live in Durham home care staff with My Homecare can help maintain an independence and quality of life when less time intensive levels of care are not an option.

Choosing the Right Carers When Looking for Care at Home in Durham

There are many great options to choose from when it comes to care at home in Durham, and it might seem difficult to distinguish and choose between the companies out there. If you think that you or a loved one could benefit from any of the services already mentioned, the question then becomes one of how to choose the right Durham home care for you. As care staff might be working with particularly vulnerable people, it is important than they are fully checked and trustworthy. It is up to the care agency to carry out these checks for you. The next thing is to understand whether a homecare company’s employees are fully trained, and whether they have any qualifications to prove the quality of their care. Are they fully equipped to handle the needs of you or your loved one? For example, does the company provide care staff that has experience in catheter care or diabetes? The carers themselves are surely the most important element of any care package, and you must make sure standards are high when looking for home care services Durham.

Other Factors to Consider When Looking for Care at Home in Durham

The quality of staff is paramount, but when looking for care at home in Durham, there are other important things to consider. Whether you want assisted living in Durham or respite care Durham, it is important that the home care service is tailored to your specific needs. Not only this, but that the home care company provides specific guidelines and a framework for its care staff to operate under. You want to make sure that homecare staff will arrive on time and in appropriate uniforms. It is important that they are informed of all specific support needs, and it is the home care service’s job to do this. To make your decision, it is always worth looking at reviews and testimonials of the people who have used the care service before. Though we would all like the highest quality of care, cost is always a factor, and you need to make sure that prices are fair and cost effective. Looking through this range of requirements, and the options available for homecare in the North East, My Homecare Ltd clearly stands out as providing the highest quality and most fairly priced care service in County Durham.

Choosing Homecare North East by My Homecare Ltd

My Homecare Ltd provides the best homecare in the North East by virtue of our highly trained care staff. Our staff have all achieved or are working towards Health and Social Care level 3 diplomas and are trained by My Homecare Ltd in essential subjects like infection control, diabetes and first aid. We are widely well reviewed, specifically because we tailor our care staff’s visits to your convenience and make sure that our staff are well informed about your care and support needs. We are probably the only company in the North East to offer so much at such a fair cost. Please get in touch by phone on 0191 378 3778, or by email at